All 40 icons from version 1.1 have been improved and enhanced with pixel-precision and care. On top of that, the color pallete has been reworked and simplified. But if that's not enough to sell you, the new pack will contain 20 brand new icons bringing the total to 60!


The updated icon pack includes 60 PNG icons in both 1x and 2x sizes (90px and 180px respectively). The pack will also include vectors in the original Sketch format, as well as a PDF containing all the color values so you can color-coordinate your project. 

Note: I am unable to deliver SVG files as promised, there is a major issue in the current version of Sketch when exporting SVG files that is affecting many of the icons in this pack. I'm currently corresponding with the developers to try and find a workaround. 


Just like the previous version, version 2.0 is absolutely free to download and use under the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives license.  Yup, you read that right! 60 pixel-perfect icons that you can use in your project, commercial or otherwise, at absolutely no cost! However you may not redistribute the pack or any of the icons for others to use. If you’d like to share with others please link to this page.

If you like this icon pack and find it useful a donation to Child's Play or HeForShe.org is appreciated, but not required. I'm not affiliated with either of these organizations, but I very much believe in what they are doing.